Youth America’s Cup

Youth America’s Cup

Barcelona / l'Espagne
2024-09-10 - 2024-09-26

La Barcelonetta beachfront and all along towards Port Olímpic

Position approximative, pas pour les directions

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Creating an electrifying pathway to the America’s Cup itself, the Youth America’s Cup events are set to be some of the highlights of the Louis Vuitton 37th America's Cup in Barcelona

Racing in each event will take place in the world’s most exciting new foiling class – the AC40 – all equalised with standard components in strict one-design monohulls. Skill, talent, perfect racing intuition, and dynamic foiling will see the very best rise through fleet and match racing. The organisers arrange the Youth America’s Cup Final between racing in the Louis Vuitton Cup Final (Challenger Selection Series Final). Maximum exposure is guaranteed, and the next generation of talent will be uncovered for the world’s longest-running international sporting trophy – the America’s Cup.


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